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Alliance provides unmatched construction management service to our clients, either as a stand-alone activity or as a follow-up to our engineering and design work. Our team is experienced in the work processes vital to successful project execution during construction. Working as agents for all client, our construction managers monitor, report on, and provide input to the client's contractors and the client to maintain contractual requirements mandated in the client-contractor agreements.

       We ensure and deliver:

  • Contractors must adhere to contractual requirements on safety, quality, schedule, contract documents, reporting, performance, cost, and turnover

  • Constant contact between client and contractors

  • Contact and communication with engineer of record

  • Efficient and meaningful change management process

  • Efficient and accurate RFI and submittal process

  • A document control system that is enterprise-wide and complete

  • Management of the close-out & turnover process

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